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August 7, 2018
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It’s time to bring out your wild side; you’ve waited long enough! You can’t be shy about it, take advantage of it. If you have thought about adding yellows, pinks or lime green to your décor, the time is now, after all, the rainbow has many colors to choose from. It’s exciting to go shopping for new accessories. For me, once the season changes, I store my darker pieces; bring out the colors, looking forward to pulling back the blinds and “Letting my light shine”. You can too! Set the mood. - Depending on your budget, you can start with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Take the Sunflower; it’s bold and vibrant, meaning pure thoughts. This would be a great addition to any room; or the Tulip, it’s subtle, color-ful and means declaration of love. We can ALL use tulips in our lives. Scented candles have evolved into a world of it’s own. With all the available colors and scents one can defi-nitely set the mood, whether you’re relaxing to some jazz or preparing for a dinner party. Another great addition is color-ful tableware or a fresh bowl of fruit. When deciding where to begin, relax because you still have time. For a start, I find that a splash of color on a wall always does the trick. Entertain with Style. - Warm weather is here; why not make the best of it? Whether you have a patio or backyard, make your home a haven. Dust off the patio chairs, change the light bulbs, add some plants or silks, then put your feet up and look forward to family time, in style, or just simply reading a good book. Hanging outdoors for me is a great way to reflect on life. I love to sit outside and listen to a waterfall, the birds chirping or simply laughing with friends and family. Your patio or backyard is a wonderful area to entertain. Light up the grill, put on the game and before you know it, you have a party going on. I love living in Las Vegas because we can enjoy the outdoors most of the year, which is a luxury so enjoy it to the fullest. Forever Yours - The one thing that’s inevitable is change, can’t run from it. The fascinating thing is everything comes back full circle in the world of décor. Remember your par-ent’s furniture, the green and orange lamps the yellow shag rugs? If we only knew, we would have put it in storage and kept it all! Now, here it is again. I never thought I’d see another orange lampshade taller than me, or a lime green shag rug. What about that yellow sofa with the flower pil-lows? Yes, it’s all back, I think I will keep my pink pillows around for a while and enjoy it all. Remember, decorating your home, your haven should be exciting! If you need as-sistance with letting your light shine, contact Royal T Inte-riors, Because you deserve it! ■

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